Aistija cabins are 100% natural, all-year-round mini villas that meet the most demanding of needs. We make it easy for you: you just select the right size, and we deliver your dream cabin to the address of your choosing. Feel that cabin fever rising?

Open your senses

The scent of the Nordic wood. The touch of the stone floor. See the shooting star racing across the night sky – and sense the eternity beyond. We have created a multi-sensory, all-natural concept that is decidedly human scale. Aistija is the log cabin innovation which combines legacy with luxury.

All wood. All good.

Enjoy your perfect little villa – a new kind of immersive experience.

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For builders

Read what types of technical requirements the cabin foundation has.

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True North Expertise

Read the story of Aistija and meet the team.

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In cooperation

Veikon kone
Kivilähde by Kaavin Kivi
Kouvola Innovation