It’s a mighty mini-villa, remote work hub, cozy little hide-away from the world…

Or whatever you want it to be.

Aistija is the perfect log cabin package, tailormade for your specific needs. And the best part? – It’s so easy to get!

Aistija is a ready-made cabin which is simply delivered to the site and lifted to its proper place. Aistija S(mall) and M(edium) sizes are completely prefabricated at the factory and they are delivered to the customer’s site 100% complete. The L(arge) size consists of two separate units which are integrated at the site.

Thanks to heated floors, natural stone is always a pleasant material for your bare feet. A high-quality air heat pump (complete with cooling and remote control) guarantees the right temperature at all times.

Aistija concept is rooted in

Multi-sensory experience

Our starting point is simple: real Nordic log which balances out humidity in the room, providing warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. The log structure of the cabin breathes free and delivers great acoustics.

All cabins feature hand-crafted floors made out of natural stone – a real feat of Nordic craftmanship.

The crown – almost literally – for the cabin comes courtesy of the spectacular glass ceiling which invites natural light into the space. As the night falls, you can watch the stars come out from the comfort of your cabin. (And perhaps glimpse the Northern Lights, even.)

This is Aistija

Aistija collection

Aistija S, for 2–4 people

24m² + loft 15m², 200mm log frame

Aistija M, for 4–6 people

43m²+ loft 21m², 200mm log frame

Aistija L, for 6–8 people

72m² (building area) + loft 27m², 200mm log frame

Building process

Phase 1

Foundation and HVAC

Electricity, heat and water will be installed into the foundation. The heat insulation comes from all-natural 100% wood fibre insulation solution that is topped off by a 21 mm plywood.

On the floor, heating cables are installed under the 20 mm slate stone floor that is fixed with S2 flex mortar. Afterwards the floor is treated with stone protection agent.

Cabin ventilation is machine-based.

Phase 2

Log frame surface treatment

The surface of the 200 mm outer log frame is treated with Teknos wood conservation agent and painted twice with Woodex Aqua Classic wood stain.

The tinted stain accentuates the natural look of the log and protects the wood from the sun which might make the log go gray over time. The S model (in the picture) has been treated twice with tone T8041.

Indoor log is treated with Teknos Helo Solana Vax log vax.

Phase 3


Once the walls and the floor are complete, furnishing kicks off. The cabin features a kitchen with Veikon Kone appliances, IKI sauna stove by SaunaMaailma and – should you prefer – furniture package by Isku.