Brand new enterprise with industry veterans at the wheel

Aistija Oy declares a new day in Cabinland!

We brought together four top experts from different fields.

We now have deep log, stone and glass know-how combined with smart business expertise. Our driving force: designing a unique leisure cabin for demanding customers who respond to ecological, healthy, premium quality living. Our product is unprecedented in the market.            

From top to bottom, each Aistija cabin reflects our values and appreciation for nature, starting with the hand-crafted logs. The hand-made natural stone floor and the kitchen furniture, made by carpenter, are unique in each Aistija cabin. Thanks to the patented glass ceiling, natural light has ample access to the cabin, highlighting the beauty of the hand-picked materials.        

We are proud of our product. We build Aistija cabins with heart, from the heart.


Our experienced and multidisciplinary team takes care of Aistija customer service, manufacture and R&D.

Tommi Lusenius

log work

Vesa-Matti Moilanen


Joona Ripattila

Stone work