We deliver the cabin,

you decide the view!

S and M size Aistija log cabins are delivered as ready-made. L size is delivered as two linking modules. The customer has to make sure that the site is accessible.

Requirements for a successful delivery:

  • Robust road with enough width; the delivery is heavy, requiring 6 meters of transport width.
  • The transport needs sufficient access all the way to the site.

Our transport partner has great knowledge of road networks, including e.g. bridges and tunnels. In uncertain cases, it makes sense to plan the delivery details together with the transport company and Aistija Oy.


Typical manufacturing and delivery time is around 6 months from order. Building begins, when deal is signed and retainer is paid.

Client is responsible for foundation and HVAC under the cabin, as stated in our blueprints.

When building in Finland, Aistija Oy delivers the cabins blueprints and instructions for the foundation which are needed to gain construction permit. Client also needs Principal Designer to make the layout.