Suuntaa antavia kuvia L-mallin ilmeestä.

Aistija L

72m² (building area) + loft 27m²

The most spacious cabin in the Aistija portfolio can accommodate a large family or a big group. The cabin is delivered in two parts and integrated on site.  Check out the pictures by clicking here.

Price to be confirmed later.

First floor

Rooms and furnishing:

  • kitchen
    • combination owen
    • refrigerator
    • dishwasher
    • sink with faucets
  • living room
  • hallway
    • storage cupboard
  • toilets/washroom
    • toilet seat
    • mirror cabinet
    • sink cabinet
    • water fixtures
  • sauna
    • Design by SaunaMaailma
    • IKI-stove
    • hot water heater
  • heating
    • floor heating
    • remote controlled air heat pump with cooling
  • mechanical ventilation
  • rediness for remote work
    • fixed plugs and 4G or 5G additional antenna readiness

Second floor (loft)

Loft provides a stunning view of the night sky.